About us

This Blog site was made for YOU…. if you are a protective parent (grandparent/step parent/carer) who’s child has disclosed sexual abuse and/or physical and emotional abuse to you, perpetrated by their other parent …. but have had disastrous results in being able to get protection, assistance and guidance, or worse have lost custody all together.

We are (mostly) mums, who have been through the wringer, some of us are still in it, other’s have made it to the other side with varying results, but we have enormous determination that others will be more informed than we were, have access to expert literature and statistics, advice and hopefully not feel so alone.

We also have little ‘Gems’ to share with you to help you get through this situation as best you can… and most particularly so that your children are in the best possible place, ‘with their true protective parent,’ and out of harm’s way for good.

This site is intended to be interactive, so don’t be shy with your feedback, we need it to ensure this tool works for us all.  We don’t have all the answers and would love others to benefit from your little ‘Gems’ too.

There will be a ‘Private’ forum available (mid 2013) for all protective parents in this position to be able to share and reach out in their confusion, pain and trauma.  Password protected access will ensure a safe and intimate space for this.  The forum will also provide (members of the NCPA) access to professional advice and information relevant to one’s own personal circumstances from qualified and experienced professionals in child protection, child development, and law,  and/or the support of child advocates/counsellors. This will entail you providing your personal details.

It is hoped that by establishing this dialogue with those directly affected by the experience of having children who have been physically, psychologically and sexually abused, we will discover methods of making a difference in the way such matters are dealt with in the future by the statutory authorities and Family Courts.

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